Monday, 6 July 2015

Be A Happier Parent with NLP - A Book Review

So as you guys know from time to time I receive stuff to review and sometimes I share this with you; you lucky, lucky lot! 

Well a couple of months ago I received a copy of the book "Be A Happier Parent with NLP" by the lovely Judy Bartkowaik.

Here is a short summary of what the book is about:

"Be A Happier Parent with NLP" gives you the skills you need to raise a confident, secure child in a confident and secure manner. The book uses the tried, trusted and proven techniques of neuro-linguistic programming to help tackle areas in which you may feel you lack confidence as a parent, while at the same time giving you the skills to help your child be happy, fulfilled and confident him- or herself. You'll find yourself feeling less guilty, more in control, and communicating better with your child--at the same time be able to support your child in difficult situations and help him or her grow into a well-rounded adult.”

Now I was new to NLP and what it was all about, so I didn’t know exactly what to expect from the book, or how it would be laid out; but actually, I was really quite pleasantly surprised!

The book turned out to be really easy to follow and actually very enlightening.

I, like many other parents often struggle with communication with my children, often ending up in a lot of shouting, much more than I would ever really like (to be honest anything is more than I like). The book gets you thinking in a different way on how to communicate and exploring new techniques (well new to me anyway!) in how to deal with them. 

The book is laid out in lots of little sections for different situations. There are far too many to go into here but some of them include:

  • Building a rapport with your child         
  • Helping them succeed at school 
  • Communicating
  • Using NLP to parent your teen
  • And just loads more!

I’m not gonna lie, i struggle to find time to do much of anything these days (like alot of us mums and dads!) but I have to say in order to make the most of the book you really need to take your time to work through it and the tasks and little filling in bits that are throughout. Even now I have not fully gotten through everything and think it will be an ongoing process for a while, but to me that seems like a good thing. Something you can work through; evolving as time moves on and different situations arise.

Do you know what I also love about this book? (Well more importantly the author) Unlike many other parenting books out there, this one is actually written by someone with children! I’m not sure why that gets me so much but it is refreshing!

So yeah basically I love this book and I’m so grateful for the opportunity to review it because actually it’s exactly what I needed at this point in my life (great believer in the universe here you know!) and I can’t think of any reason to give it less than a full 5 stars.

I shall post a bit about the author and book below, I thoroughly recommend giving it a go! Xxx

Judy Bartkowiak comes from a business background where she worked with Toy companies and TV production companies helping them to understand children and their relationship with brands such as LEGO, Baby Born, Bratz, Thomas the Tank Engine, Pocoyo, Fireman Sam and many other well-known names. She runs Kids Brands Europe alongside her NLP training and coaching and has a Facebook Kids Panel for Market Research which is done online or from her home.

She has an NLP training and coaching practice NLP Kids, specialising in child and parenting issues and runs Kids Brands Europe ( as well as writing for children as JudyBee.

Judy loves playing tennis and reading as well as spending time with her family.

Email Judy for your FREE mini book ‘Be a happier parent with NLP’ and apply code ‘Blog’ to get 10% discount off Judy’s books  at 

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